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About Lens Liquidators

Lens Liquidator is a small one-man operation run out of an apartment in downtown Chicago. In fact, as I write this, I am currently working on the design, development, and marketing of Lens Liquidator on my own. While only a one-man operation, Lens Liquidator is able to provide the latest prices and best quality service by streamlining communication and feedback channels and utilizing efficient automated web technologies.

Online Contact Lens Shopping Services

Lens Liquidators is a third party provider of an entirely FREE service. We work to provide the online contact lens consumer with all the data necessary to make an informed purchase. While providing resources on things such as contact lens types and online lens merchant profiles, our core service is a near-real-time comparison engine of contact lens prices from all the major online contact lens stores. Our software maps feeds from all the major online stores to display the most up to date lowest prices for all lenses. Think your brand is exclusive or hard to find? Think again, try searching our store for your contact lenses no matter the type and find a way to save today.
While our core service is price comparison, our overall goal is full consumer awareness and transparency in the often confusing market of online contact lens shopping. To further this transparency, we provide an outlet for consumers to recommend retailers or warn consumers about their experiences purchasing contact lenses from various retailers.